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Create your perfect Hearth and Fireplace, enjoy it safely with The Fire Hearth Man.

The Fire Hearth Man specialises in manufacturing quality Fire Hearths (floor protectors) and Fibrous Plaster Fire Surrounds. All Hearths and Fire Surrounds can be custom-made to any specifications, shape or size for built-in and free standing wood burners, gas or pellet fires. Ash hearth  or Insulated hearth  sizes cover all       Major fire brands

Hearths are tiled, glued, grouted and finished with a Solid Timber edge stained to Rimu or with an Aluminium edge (in black, white, silver or gold) with tiles glued under the Alloy trim.
Fire rated decorative fibrous plaster backing boards can be provided for free standing wood burners.
You can choose from our selection of ceramic tiles and trims.
You can also choose your own tile at any tile shop of your choice and we can incorporate your selection. 

We have qualified professional installers to install your free standing log burner or pellet fire and hearth. We can call in and discuss your needs to give you a free quote.
Nice Fire Hearth

hearths have been Tested for QUALITY AND safety

Two types of Hearths are manufactured; Ash Hearths (30mm thick) finished and Insulated Hearths (50mm thick) finished.
Hearths are constructed either on a Fibrous Plaster base, MDF base or Woodtex base.
All fire hearths meet the AS/NZS 2918:2001 requirements and have been tested to the NZ 7421:1990 Building Code and comply with Appendex D3 (Loading Test), D4 (Impact Test), appendex D2 (Thermal Test), Class B1 (Structure) and AS3 of the NZBC (hearths) of the NZ 7421,1990 Building Compliance Certification Code. 

select from our range of tiles

Matt Black                 316 x 316
Eternity Nero             300 x 300
Huston Basalto         200 x 200
Huston Marengo       200 x 200
RCR26 Charcoal       300 x 300
Terracotta                 315 x 315

select from our range of trims

White Alloy Trim
Black Alloy Trim
Silver Alloy Trim
Gold Alloy Trim
Solid Timber Trim

hearth shapes

             Standard - Wall                                       Square                                                   Corner                                           Rectangle

select from our range of Sizes

W is width x D is depth.
Prices all GST Inclusive 
Ash Sizes (30mm thick) finished
      900w x 900d         $ 300.00
    900w x 1000d         $ 300.00
  1000w x 1000d         $ 300.00
 1000w x 1.100d         $ 325.00
1.100w x 1.100d         $ 350.00
1.100w x 1.200d         $ 375.00
1.200w x 1.200d         $ 385.00

Insulated Sizes (50mm thick) finished
      900w x 900d         $ 325.00
    900w x 1000d         $ 325.00
  1000w x 1000d         $ 335.00
 1000w x 1.100d         $ 375.00
1.100w x 1.100d         $ 385.00
1.100w x 1.200d         $ 425.00
1.200w x 1.200d         $ 435.00 
We freight door to door anywhere in New Zealand and deliver free in the Christchurch area.
For more information, please speak to our friendly team today.
Standard Fire Hearth Size
Decorative tile options
Finished Standard Fire Hearth with Solid Timber Trim
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